Kemet 84 Lapping Machine

The Kemet 84 lapping machine is equipped with a 84 inch (2132mm) diameter non-hardened cast alloy segmental lap plate, 125mm thick. The lap plate consists of 16 cast iron individual segments, which are bolted to the support plate to form a serrated plate. This design minimises lapping plate deflection under load and maximises axial support for achieving very tight flatness and parallelism specifications.

The Kemet 84 is a 4 ring lapping machine built on a cruciform shaped structural steel base. The mechanical reduction gearbox and motor are mounted to the side of the plate. Power is transmitted via a flat belt and the moving parts of the system are enclosed within a panel-clad base.

It has four cast iron serrated conditioning rings (813mm I.D.). It incorporates a digital process timer and a fully automatic Liquid Diamond Dispenser System.


  • Open face
  • Pneumatic lift
  • Variable speed
  • Water cooled lap plate