Kemet 20 Lapping Machine

The Kemet 20 (508mm Plate Diameter) is a bench mounted Lapping machine of heavy duty carbon steel weldment base with wrap-around worktable. It incorporates a digital process timer and a fully automatic Liquid Diamond Dispenser System. It has three adjustable conditioning rings (191mm I.D.) with roller yoke and bearing assemblies.


  • Can lap parts up to 191mm dia
  • Suitable for bench mounting
  • Produces optically flat surfaces with high precision surface finish
  • Reduces lapping costs – fully controllable Kemet Electronic Dispensing System accurately meters diamond abrasive onto the lapping plate
  • Reduces waste – only small quantities of diamond abrasive and non-toxic fluids are used
  • Built in abrasive system   for conditioning Kemet plates
  • Electrical System complies with EN 60 204
  • Easy to adapt for special lapping applications
  • Transportable


  • Variable speed
  • Suitable for lift off disc system
  • Pneumatic lift or Open face